Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"To tell the truth"

Lindsey passed the home pregnancy test (I guess you pass it when it comes back positive) on January 27th and we decided to keep the news to ourselves until we went to see the doctor. This seemed like a good decision since we would surely see the dr in just a few days. I didn’t know that the dr wants to wait 8 weeks after the last cycle? That meant we would have to wait now for three more weeks. Fortunately this would allow time for us to collaborate a good way to break the news to each set of Grandparents.

We talked and schemed for a way to tell our parents that would be fun and memorable for all involved.

We waited the three long weeks, with Lindsey getting sick and having to make excuses as to why she couldn’t eat anything, and finally the week had arrived. Unfortunately the drs office called and left a message that the ultrasound would have to be postponed due to a family emergency. We decided to go ahead and go in for the initial appointment and to tell the grandparents anyway.

We knew that Lindsey’s dad was not scheduled to get off work that night until 7:00 so we were going to head over about 7:30 and visit until he got there. Unfortunately they were not home and when Lindsey sent her mom a message we found out they would not be home until 10:00. We decided to wait until the next day when the ultrasound would be performed then we would have a picture to show. About 8:15 Lindsey gets a message from her mom that they would be home around 9:00 so we could still come over and visit. I think Lindsey was more nervous that night than she was on her wedding day. She practiced her set up on the way over. We arrived about 9:10 and set around for ten or fifteen minutes just getting caught up then Lindsey told her mother “We went shopping today and I have picked out my Christmas gift.” “Already?” her mother asked. “Yes, it is a $40 gift card to Red Lobster.” The moment of silence was broken when her mother asked “Is that all?!?!?” To which Lindsey replied “yes, that is it….. but we will need you to babysit for us.”

Confusion followed by screaming followed by joyous laughter and thanks to God reigned for the next ten minutes. We had to leave shortly after to go to my parent’s house and tell them.

We called my folks to see if we could come out that late and pick up our mail. We arrived about 9:45 and went in to visit for a few minutes. The conversation started the same as it did at Lindsey’s parents with the talk of how our day was and all the other good stuff. My mother’s birthday is October 6th and the baby’s due date is September 30th so I told my mom that we had gone shopping for me some new pants and shirts and that we already knew what her gift was going to be. She remarked that it was kinda early to be picking out her birthday present. I said “Well, the baby is due September 30th.”

Again confusion followed by screaming followed by joyous laughter and thanks to God reigned for the next ten minutes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A quick reminder

Just in case you have forgotten what we look like or haven't ever met either of us....

This is Lindsey

And the leg on the left is me. I wear those shoes a lot so you shouldn't have any problem recognizing me. The cute girl in the photo is Emma and the other set of legs belong to Jamie I think.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Post number one

For those of you who didn't know Lindsey and I are expecting our first child. We are both very excited and anxious. Well I am excited and anxious Lindsey is nauseous, excited and anxious. Hopefully we can keep everyone up to date. Maybe later I can tell about the way we broke the news to our parents. Fun times.