Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don't eat nothing but bear cat stew

You can call me Alley Oop if you wish. I may just knuckle your head before you can count to four. Sometimes I wish I were a caveman. Back in the caveman days there was no shopping for nursing bras. Nobody told Alley Oop that he had to paint a nursery.

Just be a man in a cave with a club so when my old lady started giving me what for I could club her over the head and drag her away by the hair. Ahhhhhhhh the good old days.

I should be set after this weekend for the year on reunions in case any of you were curious. Saturday is my mother's side and Sunday is Lindsey's dad's side. Trust me when I tell you that a good time will be had by all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's a girl. Maybe, the ultrasound lady said it was a girl.

Sophia Claire

I can't tell for sure but I have a sneaking suspicion that she is going to be daddy's little angel.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The air is so heavy and dry

It is going to be a cruel summer even by Bananarama standards. Calm down I am going to be ok. Lindsey might have some discomfort during the hot months but she is pregnant and gets enough attention anyway.

Tomorrow is the 24 week appointment. It will also be the visit that we will learn the gender of the baby......if the baby is laying in the correct position. If this baby is anything like it's mother then it will not have a bit of a problem flashing it's private parts at a camera. Enough about our honeymoon.

This weekend we had a large six family yard sale. I don't normally shop at yard sales. I have enough of my own junk without having to raid other peoples private stashes. Therefore I have a lot of questions concerning the thought process of certain shoppers. Maybe not questions as much as comments. Since I am always professional and courteous I will put these concerns in bullet form in no particular order.

  • Why do you think it is necessary to ask someone the price on every item in the yard sale. Normally people don't set around putting a piece of tape on clothes with $0.25 written on it for fun. Last time I drove north on state highway 7 above Russellville, Booger Hollow was closed. Finding a tshirt from there should be considered a bargain.
  • If you ask me how much for a beatles cd and I say fifty cents it is fifty cents. Yes I know it is a double cd set and one of the cds is missing. If I had both cds I would sale it for $1 or I may even keep it.
  • The Playstation 2 works. I am not at this yard sale to trade goods and services. If you want an item then buy it. I don't want to trade you a Playstation 2 for two used 4 wheeler tires. Seriously.
  • The flat bottom boat is not for sale. If it was for sale it would be setting here with the rest of this stuff.
  • People actually purchase used underwear. I don't really think I can add anything to that.
  • I wear a size 13 shoe. I don't have any men's dress shoes in a size 11. I am not sorry that I don't have a size 11. This isn't the foot locker.
  • No understanda mexicana.

Needless to say the local SOS chapter is going to get a rather large donation this week.

I have a drug test tomorrow and haven't started studying so I am going to go do that.