Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Colorado.........John Denver seemed to enjoy it so I guess I will too. Next week I will be there for five days so if you run across me after that and I break out in a folk song you will know why. Feel free to sing along. Maybe we can rock out to a little Peter Paul and Mary's "where have all the flowers gone" make some turquoise jewelry and not take a bath or wear deodorant. Sounds like I am in for a fun week.

Last week Lindsey went back for a check up. The Doctor said all looked well and we will get to find out the gender next visit. Next visit will be June 12th. I didn't get to go with her last week because I was in Baltimore. I wanted to visit Edgar Allen Poe's grave but didn't make it because I was to busy dodging pigeons and homeless people. Baltimore was a nice city with lots to do and see. I ate a lot of crab cakes. They were delicious. The hotel we stayed at was used in the filming of the movie "National Treasure." Nicolas Cage was nowhere in site. I kept calling the front desk and asking for his room but they would just disconnect me.

Seattle was a good city and so was Chicago. I basically judge cities criteria on food. If they have good food then I like it. Believe it or not the best wienerschnitzel I have ever eaten was in Terre Haute. Of course the only other time that I ate wienerschnitzel was out of the back of an old man's truck in Regional Park in Pine Bluff. You know that may not have been the wisest culinary choice I have ever made. It did taste better than menudo, the soup not the group of young Hispanic boys.

I better sign off, this entry is starting to make me sound like Steve Martone.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's been seven hours and 15 days

I am like a bird without a song.

We are slowly plodding along awaiting the next drs appointment. I will not attend this appointment because I will be in beautiful scenic crime free Baltimore Maryland for a meeting. It has really been slow the last few weeks so I have very little to write about.

I am taking this slow down not recession as an opportunity to express my severe disappointment in each of you. You can tell a lot about a person’s true character by the way they assist those in dire need of assistance. Not a single one of you have offered to come to the aid of someone in a desperate situation. Sure some of you have made comments in passing but they are not heart felt. There is nothing funny about giving a grown man a bath. All that had to be done was someone reach out with a brush and some Calgon fruity citrus. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, el nothingo!!!! Between cooking two meals a day, re-shingling the roof, building a flower bed and repairing a broken air conditioner my wife hardly has time to bathe me. SHE IS PREGNANT!

Shame on all of you. This is really going to make for an awkward memorial day because I am showing up with a bath mit, wash tub, a bottle of Mr. Bubbles, my Bangles CD and somebody is going to give me a dang bath before we eat. No more mister nice guy either, this bath is going to include all the tough spots.