Friday, September 26, 2008

All the live long day

The eyes of Texas are upon you. Could get ugly in Austin. We will leave it at that. In the meantime here are some pictures of the sweetest little girl in the world.

See the halo?

Halo and Horns?!?

Just kidding

Paw and Sophia

Mommy and baby

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Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

9-27-08 9:41 pm
She is so cute. Halo and all. But you better watch out because those horns are contagious. Expecially since Maw has hard evidence in her hands. Look out Reece, when you lest expect it, BAM! those horns get you.

Hi Lindsey you sweet little mommie. She is going to look like you (thank goodness not like her daddy).

Can't wait to see her.
Give her a great big hug and kiss form her Aunt Sis.

Love to all, (yes Reece you are included)

Aunt Sis. (Vickie)